"TORNADO ROCK with no compromise"

Established in Zurich, Switzerland in 2003, DESPU PALLITON has not only managed to stay alive as a band, but to reinforce their 'colourful' reputation within the swiss landscape of hard and heavy music. The sound of this powertrio, which the band choose to call TORNADO ROCK, can be described as an ear-catching mixture of, let's say MONSTER MAGNET and 70s-AC/DC. Yet it's obvious that this band has its own ways and identity. Seeing them live onstage at full force, a gig-promoter of Rote Fabrik, Zurich once quoted: „SPEAKING OF DESPU PALLITON, THE GRASS ISN’T ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE!“ Indeed, their Tornado Rock is 'MADE WITH NO COMPROMISE', stirring things up to a level where an audience wants to headbang and dance away at the same time.  

I've seen the band rock out and totally lost in their music, sweating, bare-chested, never ever using silly speaches or dumb posing or just 'acting cool'. The music of Despu Palliton comes straight from the core. Dani Koblet hammering some hypnotic rhythm on his drums, Reto Hardmeier's Bass thundering and growling, all topped with heavy guitar riffs, harmonic melodies and the distinct voice of bandleader Aldo Betschart. I thought them to be very 'NON-SWISS' in many ways. Long live Tornado Rock!


Lukas Rüttimann (Culture-profi), ex-Chief-editor ROCKSTAR MAGAZINE, ex-Culture-editor BLICK




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