Busy and happily lost onboard the Aerophon-Spaceship

09.11.2016 08:17

November 1st. 2016: Some explanation about working with Janne Wrigstedt, working at his Aerophon-Studio and the process of recording.

by A.B.

One and a half years ago - early 2015 - Janne Wrigstedt (born and raised in Finland, now living in Zurich with his wife and kid) did us a great favor. 

He mastered the songs of our album 'Everglad', and we very much liked the result. Up to this point, our good friend Marc Flury, who recorded 'Everglad' (at his Jet-Fi-Studio, Zurich), had done more than enough. He had played bass on four tracks and later he had worked his arse off to get the sound and mix right. In my whole life I have never met anybody like him, his patience is absolutely unique. I'm pretty positive that, when the year 2014 ended, Marc was sick and tired to listen to the songs any longer. He never complained. With his incredible patience he managed to deal with it just fine.

OK. Back to Janne. Unlike Dani and Reto I knew what kind of a person that finnish guy was: open minded and reliable. The two of us had been working together for the theatre since a couple of years (touring on regular bases with a open-air program of Theater Kanton Zurich), building up a stage set and tearing it down after the show, sweating in the summer-sun like two pieces of butter while lifting up tons of material, and we sure enough never missed to share a nice amount of beer 'to feel comfortable with each other'. I also knew that Janne is a filmmaker, a good one too, since I had watched his well awarded finnish movie-production 'Thomas'. 

In the first two years of our aquaintance we didn't talk much about his actions in his self-made-studio. Everytime we met we had to work hard, and from what I knew, I assumed that he was more into jazz than Rock or Metal. As a music-engineer Janne had collected his spurs rather by dealing with jazz-tunes than the hard-rock genre. He had made aquaintance with quiet a view remarkable Musicians, once he had a recording-session with legendary saxophonist Frank Wesley, who was an important part of James Brown's Band (Wesley also played on the Sex Machine-Album!) So I soon learned that Janne wouldn't specialize in any kind of music. As a guy that likes all kinds of good music, he could handle to catch the sound of almost anything. When it comes to Rock he had already gathered experience: it was way back in Finland, where he used to play drums in Metal- or Punkbands, something that gave him the most natural knowledge of how this kind of music is supposed to sound. 

Again: Jannes mastering-job on 'Everglad' was a convincing argument.  But there is much more to it. I had the very feeling that working with him could be not only fun but a certain leap, meaning one step ahead for the band. When the decicion was made, Dani and Reto hadn't even met him once. They wouldn't bother because I told them what a person Janne was. Yes friends, and that is pretty much the story how we ended up onboard the Aerophon Spaceship.