Getting onboard

09.11.2016 11:50

Getting onboard. 

What did we actually expect when we entered Janne Wrigstedts Aerophon-Studio for the first time? Somehow nothing, somehow quite al lot. 

"It is messy here and it is cold, so be warned!" he would say. 

When we arrived in Ramsen it was already cold, a rainy day in late october. The particular hall where Jannes studio is located was built in the industrial area of Ramsen, which means that the building itself is part of the industry. Janne created the studio four years earlier, together with a friend of his, and it is quite important to say that they did it for payment, for a nice and peculiar man who rented the hall and obviously looked forward for another form of artistic/acoustic realisation.

Our first impression of the surroundings can be described with just one word: "Wow!"

I did not know that Andy Warhol's Factory does still exist. But I do know that I haven't set foot in something like that before. Crazy. And sure enough we liked it from the start.

Janne was right: It was cold in the hall. The next three days we would constantly wear two jackets (outside the studio-box) and we wouldn't put them jackets off neither for dinner nor for sleep. In the end of day one the sound was fine and we were ready to start recording the following day. Janne himself was forced to sit outside the box all the time, guarding our beer that would stay perfectly cold. It was my intention to get warmed up even outside the boxat the end of every day, so I brought in some bottles of Trotzki-Vodka which is described as "Der Rebell aus dem Appenzell".

Leaving that hall after three days was kinda weird. It was like leaving a spaceship indeed.

You don't need a full-length-album if you got six killers

Day one: Dani setting up his drum kid, working on the sound. Reto and me plugging in bass and guitar, me using my 1994 100 Engl-Sovereign plugged to a fantastic old Dynocord cabinet (4X12 speakers). looking box where we played