Some short discussion prior the Recording Sessions at Aerophon-Studio, Ramsen.

09.11.2016 11:43

Summer 2016: Some short discussion prior the recording sessions at Aerophon-Studio, Ramsen

Character 1: Janne Wrigstedt, Finnish sound engineer. 
Character 2: Aldo Betschart, Swiss musician.


JW: "So how many songs are you guys going to record?"

AB: "I would say five songs."

JW: "Five? Why don't you do a full album?"

AB: "Why?... Janne, are you kidding? We realeased an album last year!"

JW: "I know. But still..."

AB: "Obviously we don't have enough songs ready yet. And the other boys are keen to record, so ..."

JW: "Okay. No need to rush, Aldo. You should try to convince them to do a full album. It's none of my business, but if we ever get started with the whole process ... I mean, I believe that you guys would be better off with nine killers instead of five, don't you think?"

AB: "Perhaps. But let me tell you, Janne, it takes weeks if not months to write and play another four or five. I'm not fucking Bo Katzman. I don't make things up, not in a jiffy. No, the lines and melodies have to find me, you understand? And besides, the boys are keen to..."

JW: "...keen to record as soon as possible. I got you, man.

AB: "It's quality over quantity, right?"

JW: "We'll see ... Just let me know when you guys are ready, OK?"

AB: "Sure. And by the way: I'm already working on a new one. That would be song number six. I mean, if we manage to get that baby done right before we enter the studio." 

JW: "Well, that's very nice of you, but also totally senseless. At that point the album still misses three hits.

AB: "Jesus! Your Finnishness is finishing me! Six is my last word. Take it or leave it."

JW: "Take it easy, Aldo. All I'm saying is that live could be even more beautiful."


End of discussion.