Despu Palliton is NOT HUNTING FOR LIKES!

15.09.2016 09:00

Once upon a time there was a Rock And Roll-Band. That particular Band did play Rock And Roll pretty good, better than good, DAMN GOOD. No one on earth had heard such a sound before: it was loud, it was noisy, it was weird, screams of joy, endless cursing and electric guitars! The Band ended its set and the audience stood flabbergasted, blown away, no matter where they played. Naturally, the sound of that Band became further recognized, since they used their sheer power to drive everybody nuts, positive or negative. Needless to say: The Band ended up rich and famous. 

It also happened that the very same Band split up, driven to insanity by the huge number of lovers and haters, by drugs and temptation. The guitarist died due to alcoholism, the drumer died due to a heart attack, the bass player killed himself 'cause he was bored all the time and the singer ... well, no one has seen him ever since, looking for a smoke, he may got lost somewhere in Alabama.  

Each and every one of them boys had ruined his life in the name of Rock And Roll. They had burned for music and taken the ride. For them it ment dedication, to be or not to be, and they did perfectly well. They achieved long before the internet became an issue. Holy mother! Hell yeah!

Fifty years later. The world has changed into a multi-media-madhouse. Millions of bands, some of them good, most of them not even worthy to lend them an ear. EVERYBODY wants to be a star! Everybody can be a star indeed! "Me composing a song? Are you fucking crazy?! I never wrote a song in my whole life! Why should I even try? My company pays people to do just that, get it!? My fucking job is to shine, babe ..." 

What had happened? Some anti-social-math-genius invented aspects of what later became the internet - and changed the world forever. Other weirdoz of the very same kind got hooked by the idea of a virtual world, working in shifts to make it finally possible: "to sit at home nicely while being (or bombing) all over the place". Needles to say that soon enough the military paid billions of dollars in order to take advantage of this yet unknown high-potential-development. Those were steps - one by one - that led straight forward into globalization, so to speak. Weird people, see? 

Those kind of weirdoz gave us FACEBOOK, Twitter etc.! Platforms who would people 'help to connect', making friends all over the planet although it's all in the computer and therefore not real. Real friendship means to meet up once in a while in flesh and blood, to hit the road together and having fun, remember? Nowadays a guy can have zillions of friends - sure, it's all on the display, haha - without meeting up with a single one of those friendly ghosts. And in relation to that a Band can have ten-thousand likes on its FACEBOOK-page without being great or special at all. 

Look, I'm an old-fashioned guy, back in the day there wasn't such a weird thing as Facebook-likes. Bands got the gig when their MUSIC was good, it was the promoters ear that made the decicion, and on top of that we could often feel their respect. It was the love for music that counted most, on each side. Yes, friends, it changed bigtime! Back then, concert-promoters actually DID listen to the tapes we had sent them, rather than judge a Band by a virtual number of so called friends. OK, it's not the nineties no more, I'm well aware of that fact too. I'm just another musician, writing my own songs for almost 29 years. Shit, I still like to write a letter occasionally! I guess I like it the hard way. Fuck Facebook!, we are REAL and better than that. Likes. We don't waste our time hunting for likes. We are three passionate guys playing Tornado Rock, not a bunch of home-made ITs looking for attention. As a band we survived this and that and Facebook will be next. How's your smartphone? How are you? How many LIKES do YOU have?... 

This Band wants to get in touch with real people, hearing from them whether they like OUR MUSIC or not. Yes, we hope to meet you one day, thanks to blood, sweat and tears. It's all just a matter of time, right?

Take good care - Aldo B.

PS. I prefer fire over technology.