Album-CD 'Haba Habanero'

Despu Palliton's Second Album: 'HABA HABANERO' 

Recorded and Mastered 2007 by Rolf Schmidt @ Schweinesound Studio, Luzern. Mixed by Rolf Schmidt and Aldo Betschart. Released in 2007. 

This album is SOLD OUT (temporarily not available).

Listen here:

Songlist: One Hundred And Fifty Million  2 Orphan Child  3 Deeds We've Done  4 Summer...  5 Bummer...  6 11th Commandment (You Shall Not Explode!)  7 Rita's Nose  8 Lowest Of The Lowest  9 Tiger...  10 Dancepart  11 White Mice

(Total Running Time: 48 Min.)